To say we have turkey calls is an understatement! Be sure to stop by and get your call for SPRING GOBBLER today! Be sure to check out our wall of targets as well!

We carry a full line of many popular Ammunition brands such as Hornady, Winchester, Fusion, Sig, Fiocchi, Remington, Federal, CCI, and more! We also keep stock on a variety of unique calliber sizes such as 480 Ruger, 500 Smith & Wesson, 460 Smith & Wesson, 44 Special, 6.5 Creedmoor, 300 Rem Ultra Mag, and more! In addition to Ammo we have an extensive line of reloading components (the BEST selection in the area). We have a full line of the following Powders IMR, VihtaVuori, Hodgon, Alliant, Accurate. We also have a wide selection of reloading dyes and full selection of Nosler, Sierra, and Hornady bullet selections. We also sell exploding targets and skeet! Stop by and check us out!

Slings & Holsters

Hunting Bags & Concealed Carry Purses 



You can carry your gun with comfort and style with our wide selection of slings and holsters! Some of the brands we carry include "Uncle Mikes Holsters", Extreme Holsters", "The Bandito Slings and Holsters", and more!

Cleaning, Rests, & Vises 

Calls & Targets

To say we have a wide variety of Long Rifles is a huge understatement! From rifles to AR's, to .22's to Lever Actions, to Single Shots to Shotguns & Muzzleloaders! RIFLES we carry a full line of Kimber, Ruger American, Mossberg Patriots, Remington, Winchester, Ruger M77 and M77 Hawkeyes and more! Oh and FULL INVENTORY of Henry Golden Boys!!! AR's we carry Rugers, Windham Weaponry, Smith & Wesson, and more! Be sure to stop by and check out our selection! In addition to our wide variety of long rifles, we also have a large selection of handguns! We carry a full line of Kimber, Smith & Wesson, Ruger Semi & Revolvers and much more! 

We are proud to announce we carry the full line of Hawke Optics Scopes! We also carry Nikon, Bushnell, and Simmons products!

We proudly carry the Pioneer by Vanguard hunting backpack line. We carry the standard hunter green and the Real-tree Xtra Camo. These backpacks are made to carry your rifle/bow along with you on your hunt with ease. The material is water repellent and quite. In addition to the backpacks we also the waist bags that feature pockets to keep your hands nice and warm! Ladies we did not forget about you! We also carry a beautiful line of leather concealed carry handbags! Most bags even include a matching sure to stop in and see all of the different styles and colors!


We carry a large variety of cleaning accessories for your guns. Some of these products include Hoppe's Cleaning Kits, Pro- Shot cleaning products, Variety of oils and lubes, etc. Stop by and get the best cleaning supplies for your guns at the best cost to!

We carry a full line of Vanguard rests and multiple different brands of gun vises!